The Eternal Problem of my To-Read List

I have great trouble with my to-read list. If my to-read list was a friend, we would definitely have a love-hate relationship. I thought that working in a Library would be a good thing for my reading, which it is. But also, it is a source of major frustration to learn, more and more each day, how few books I have actually read and, indeed, will be able to read in my lifetime.

I am very lucky to have access to books. But also, I can’t help it, I feel a minor sense of dread rise every time I think about the never-diminishing, ever-growing pile I call my “to-read” list. Pictured is about a fifth of the tangible section; there are so many more that I have stored away on wishlists online and scrawled in notebooks.


Do you have a system for dealing with the books you want to read? Are you organised? I am most definitely not! (I know I ought to be. I’m a Librarian. But I’m not. At all).

NB – Tea and scone, pictured, are fine Rainy Monday Evening Reading companions.