World Book Day 2013


It’s World Book Day this coming Thursday (7th March) so I thought I would share what we are planning at the school I work in to mark this wonderful occasion.

We have been very fortunate to have the help of four enthusiastic year 10 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and have therefore been able to plan not just a day, but an entire week of book-related activities. A whole week! I have been geeking out (as the DoE volunteers would undoubtedly put it) over promotional colour schemes, fonts, posters, activities and, for probably the first time in my entire life, PowerPoint presentations (I used to vow that I would never become such a person, but alas, it has happened, 27 years into my previously technologically honourable life) and slogans saying stuff like “BOOKS ROCK!!!” with those three excitable exclamation points and many more besides. I love World Book Day. I approve of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am much, much worse with computers than 15 year-old boys; 15 year-old boys are computer geniuses, 15 year-old girls read really quickly, ergo, most of this would have been impossible without them.

MONDAY 5th MARCH: We are having a book poll! We have made up ballot papers, a ballot box and a polling station. Kids get a ballot paper, write down their top three books and place their votes into the bright-green ballot box (yes, this is part of the promotional colour scheme; yes, living with a graphic designer has changed me) and then we count up all the votes and announce the whole-school top ten on Thursday 7th March. My guess? Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be up there. Jacqueline Wilson too. The volunteers have designed stickers for everyone who votes that say “I rocked the vote!”

TUESDAY 5th MARCH: Whole school read. During form time, everyone stops what they are doing and reads for twenty minutes. Magazines, books, kindles, newspapers. I run around with the volunteers taking pictures. The school is quieter that it have been since the last time this type of thing was done (2009, to be exact).

WEDNESDAY 6th MARCH: Book Swap. I love this one. You bring in a book you don’t want anymore, you choose another one from the collection brought in by others. Kids scramble over copies of Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter; bookworm staff members’ husbands and wives rejoice, get rid of loads of books, send instructions that said staff member must not bring home more than one book; instructions are ignored. The circle of books. This goes on every day until Friday.

THURSDAY 7th MARCH: Competition time. I have been round with the volunteers and the library camera, taking photos of staff members hiding behind their favourite books. On Thursday morning, I will come in and stick these photographs all around school. The kids then have to guess who the staff members are. We give them clues. The first three to correctly guess win a prize. 

We will also announce the whole school top ten books, with a separate list for staff.

FRIDAY 8th MARCH: I upload all the photos, put them up on the plasma screens, and eat some chocolate.

Does anyone else have anything fun planned for World Book Day?


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