My First Year as a School Librarian

Yesterday I finished my first full school year as an Assistant School Librarian! Due to the fact that time is an odd concept that twists and turns and warps itself strangely, it has gone both very quickly and very slowly. On the one hand, 6/7-week half-term bursts with breaks in between push things along quickly; on the other, I feel like I settled in very quickly and had been there forever by Christmas (in a good way).

I thought it might be useful to list, in some way, all the notable things from this year:

  • Kids are brilliant to work with. This was the most surprising thing of all. I had never worked with secondary-age kids before and although I didn’t think I would hate it, I wasn’t sure I would like it as much as I do.
  • There is some absolutely fantastic stuff being written for kids at the moment. It feels like a really good time for children’s and Young Adult literature.
  • There is absolutely no place for snobbery in school librarianship. If a child goes from hating reading to liking it, it is completely beside the point if it something with no perceived “literary quality” by critics. They are reading. This is better than not reading.
  • We have been using the Accelerated Reader literacy programme. The children read books, take quizzes on them and win prizes when they have done well in quizzes a certain number of times.
  • Malorie Blackman came into school. She did a talk for the children about her experiences as a writer and answered questions. It was brilliant. I got starstruck.
  • We organised a book swap.
  • We did a book quiz for World Book Day.
  • I read my first “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book.
  • I helped train teaching staff on the VLE.
  • I helped to develop the VLE.
  • I helped out at sports day.
  • I saw a school play.
  • We did a few stock-picks.
  • We compiled book lists.
  • This is what happens when you Google image search “Justin Beanber”:


I may add to this list as and when I think of things.

Other school librarians, feel free to leave notable things from your 2011/12 year in the comments!


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